This Solar Charger and Power Bank Are Must-Haves for Outdoor Enthusiasts

This Solar Charger and Power Bank Are Must-Haves for Outdoor Enthusiasts

Most portable power banks hold enough power to keep your phone charged for a long camping weekend. But if you plan on spending longer away from civilization, you might want a back-up plan. With the 4-Panel Foldable Solar Phone Charger, you can charge your phone wherever there is sunlight. You can get the charger now with a 10,000mAh power bank for just $34.99 at the XDA Developers Depot.

For many of us, outdoor adventures are a chance to escape from the stress of work calls and social media. However, it’s important to have a charged phone with you in case of an emergency. 


While power banks can run dry, the sun will always provide energy. Rated at 4.1 out of 5 stars on Amazon, this waterproof solar panel lets you capture those rays and keep your devices topped up. 

When you need some power, you simply unfold the charger and lay it on any flat surface. Four monocrystalline panels soak up the solar energy with impressive efficiency, feeding power into the supplied battery pack.

This power bank has two USB charging ports for phones, tablets, and other small devices. It also has three LED lights, which can help you get around after dark.

They’re worth $43.98 put together, but you can get the charger and power bank now for $34.99.


4-Panel Foldable Solar Phone Charger & 10,000mAh Power Bank – $34.99

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