Three UK Forcibly End All Remaining Unlimited Tethering Plans

Three UK Forcibly End All Remaining Unlimited Tethering Plans

In a move that will surely surprise no one in today’s society, mobile carrier Three UK has now ended all plans that still allowed for unlimited tethering.

 Back in 2010, Three launched the One Plan including 2000 minutes, 5000 same carrier minutes, 5000 texts and All-You-Can-Eat (1TB) of data with unlimited tethering. Over the years other plans have allowed for unlimited tethering and while they still offer several plans to include this incredible amount of data, they no long offer any with unlimited tethering, with a maximum of 12GB on the more expensive plans. Evidently seeking to end the people using their phone in lieu of home broadband. In 2014 they announced all remaining One Plans would be phased out and now any customers still on these plans were transferred on to the closest current plan on January 26.

We reached out to Three UK to ask just how many customers had been affected and were told that 400,000 customers had either had their unlimited tethering removed for just 12GB or transferred on to a different plan entirely.

“If you don’t choose to upgrade or change price plan, we’ll change your plan to one of our one-month SIM plans, which you can change or upgrade at any time. We’ve picked the closest match to your current plan in terms of your allowances …

… We no longer offer plans that support all-you-can-eat personal Hotspot use. If you want to use Personal Hotspot regularly, we recommend our SIM plan with all-you-can-eat phone ddata and an 12GB PH allowance. Our research shows that this is enough for the vast majority of our customers” – Three UK

This of course, does mean that some customers were hit by a large price increase if they originally purchased their plan during a promotional offer. Although all new plans are just 30 day rolling which means you can immediately end or change it. They have offered a support page for people affected which can be found here and includes most of the information regarding the changes and what you can do next.

If you would like to contact them to enquire about your plans status, one of the easiest ways is by sending them a social media contact request from this page

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