Through the Viewfinder: Droidcon UK 2015

Through the Viewfinder: Droidcon UK 2015

Droidcon was hosted in London’s Business Design Centre on October the 29th and October the 30th followed by a Hackathon Code Node on October the 31st and November the 1st. Both events were sponsored by many companies who promoted themselves, their products and even their games. These included advertising new technologies, apps and games, but all could be enjoyed by both android developers and enthusiasts. Each company that was present has been broken down below through the use of photographs.



Hackathon ^

Droidcon ^

Intel ^

Sony ^

Honor (Huawei) ^

Other Booths ^

Epson ^


Amazon ^

Novoda ^

Trashgames – Stone Road ^

Lands of Ruin ^

Skills Matter ^

Zeroheight ^

OS (Ordnance Survey)^


Google Cloud Platform^

Moo ^

Audi Tablet ^

Lands End ^

Block-Sei ^

JRebel ^

SFB Games ^

Project Tango ^


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