Tick! Another Android Timer

Tick! Another Android Timer

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After a year of getting to know the XDA forums, member RabugenTom has been able to give something back to the XDA community in the form of publishing his first app for free!

There have been a few timer apps released recently for both Android and Windows Mobile, but each has it’s own distinct design.

Tick! by RabugenTom, is a simple timer app with a quick set interface.  And since there is no wheel selector provided in the Android SDK, RabugenTom has designed his own custom wheel selector.

Using the wheel, you can set the number of minutes and within three clicks, the timer can be launched to remind you that your eggs are ready – or as one poster has noted, to keep track of time between her baby’s bottles!

Tick! is available for free on the Market.

For more information, please visit the application thread.