Ticklr Provides Ticker Notifications For Lollipop

Ticklr Provides Ticker Notifications For Lollipop

For all the goodies Lollipop brought with it, it did bring along a change which has drawn mixed reactions from all. You either love the idea, or absolutely hate it. That change is the removal of the classic Ticker animation for notifications, which has been a part of Android since the very early days, in favor of the Heads Up notification system.

If you belong to the group of users who do not entirely like this new approach of bringing your notifications, there are a few remedies, albeit none from Google itself.

Thanks for the suggestion. Our development team has looked into this feature request. This will not be included in the M release. However, this may be considered for future releases
Status: WontFix

Users comfortable with Xposed can use this handy module to restore the ticker animation in Lollipop. There are also apps like HeadsOff (non-root) which disable heads up notifications, but enabling the ticker animation back requires the Pro Key. So if you are looking for a way to re-enable the ticker animation without going through either the Xposed route or by purchasing an app, you can try Ticklr.

Ticklr – Ticker notifications brings back the ticker animation for Lollipop users. The best part of this implementation is that is does not require Xposed, nor root and is free for its basic functionality (although some options do require Pro).

The setup for the app is simple and basic. The setup guide walks you through the short step of enabling notification access for the app. Once the service is active, all notifications come in the form of the ticker animation instead of as Heads-Up notifications.

Screenshot_2015-06-23-12-37-22 Screenshot_2015-06-23-12-37-47 

The app UI is simple as it houses the app list which you can configure for apps you do not wish to receive notifications via the Ticklr. You can also set custom colors and disable heads up, but these features were not present in the free version of the app.

Screenshot_2015-06-23-12-38-02 Screenshot_2015-06-23-12-38-13 Screenshot_2015-06-23-12-39-08

One caveat of Ticklr is that the notification ticker ignores the actual notification panel. This is a limitation that comes along with not using Xposed or root, as the app draws over other apps to display the ticker. So often, the ticker is displayed even when you are in the notification panel.


Through my limited usage, I also found that the app does not let my screen be switched off, which is a result of the setting of “wake on notification”. Disabling it fixes this, but with the trade-off being that new notifications no longer wake the screen. Just a minor inconvenience which can be fixed via a future update.

The target demographic of this app are average Android users who do not know about root and Xposed. For them, Ticklr provides a hassle free way of reverting notifications back to the way they originally were.

To continue discussion, head on over to the forum thread.

Did you like the app? Do you know of other apps that provide a neater solution? Should Google bring back the Notification ticker or go ahead with the Heads Up implementation? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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