Android users could soon gain access to Tidal’s Early Access Program

Android users could soon gain access to Tidal’s Early Access Program

Tidal isn’t the most popular music streaming service, but it offers things that are not available on other platforms. The most popular lure for most users is its high-quality audio. With its highest subscription tier, users can experience Master Quality Authenticated (MQA) music up to 9612kbps. It’s impressive, to say the least. If you’re a Tidal user on Android, the company is preparing to roll out its Early Access Program.

Andrew Romero of 9to5Google states that the service is inviting users through email, and those that are willing to opt in will get “a sneak peek at the latest features.” Those that go forward and register for the program will be able to provide feedback to the app’s developers. If this sounds like something you want to be a part of and you have not received an email, you can join. But, there is one catch, and that is you must be subscribed to Tidal’s “HiFi Plus” tier.


Tidal currently offers three tiers of service. The free tier gives users access to 90 million songs with audio quality up to 160kbps with limited interruptions and curated playlists. The next tier up is “HiFi,” costing $9.99 a month and features everything the free tier offers, plus access to songs ad-free with audio quality up to 1411kbps. The paid tier will also grant access to over 450,000 videos, offline listening, playlists, and more. The HiFi Plus tier costs $19.99 and includes everything that the HiFi tier offers, but it will deliver the best fidelity audio (MQA music up to 9612kbps) with support for Dolby Atmos and Sony 360 Reality Audio. Furthermore, part of your subscription fee will go directly to the artist.

Checking the Tidal website and the Early Access page, it states that the Early Access Program is currently only available to iOS users. But, looking through the FAQ, there is a sliver of hope that says, “Stay tuned for an opportunity to join the Early Access Program if you’re an Android user!” If interested, you can download the app and be sure to sign up for the HiFi Plus tier so you can gain access.

Are you a Tidal HiFi Plus tier member? Have you received an email for the Android Early Access Program? Let us know.

Developer: TIDAL
Price: Free

Source: 9to5Google

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