TidyPanel helps you clean up your notification panel

TidyPanel helps you clean up your notification panel

Over time, Android has gotten better at letting you control what type of notifications are viewable in your notification shade. We can easily deny the permissions for games and applications by diving into the Settings, but Android Pie has even begun to suggest hiding notifications from an application if you just swipe them away enough times. Still, there are some notifications that cannot be swiped away and this can be very annoying for those who like to keep a clean and minimal look to their OS.

Enter the TidyPanel application which was just released from XDA Senior Member dharmapoudel. With TidyPanel you are able to hide various notifications including the annoying “Message is using SMS,” “running in the background,” “displaying over other apps,” “USB charging this device,” “2 apps are using battery,” and others. The application can be downloaded for free but it does come with some pro features for those who want to support the developer via an in-app purchase.

Free Features:

  • Simple and minimal intuitive interface
  • List of active and hidden notifications for easy customization
  • Minimal Apk Size, minimal Memory Usage and minimal battery usage
  • No ads, no data, no bullshit. Your data never leaves your device whatsoever.

Pro Features:

  • Hide unlimited number of notifications with pro version
  • More battery and ram optimizations
  • Block them and forget them

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