Tiered Fees are Coming to Swappa on November 1st

Tiered Fees are Coming to Swappa on November 1st

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If you haven’t already heard of the service, Swappa is an online marketplace that was launched for people to buy or sell mobile devices. Over the years, the types of products available for listing on the site have expanded to include tablets, laptops, wearables, and even VR headsets. With other reseller marketplaces such as eBay becoming cluttered and expensive for the seller, Swappa quickly caught on among enthusiasts. When we shut down the XDA marketplace back in 2013, partnering with Swappa was a no brainer to fill the gap left behind by our now-defunct marketplace.

Since Swappa launched, the company has only tacked on a measly $10 fee to the listing price of a device. If the device goes unsold, then the seller isn’t charged a penny which is more than you can say for some of the competitors out there. But with such growing demand for the service, it seems that this service model was not sustainable for Swappa to continue offering to its customers. Swappa has just announced that they will be introducing a tiered fee system that will be applied to all devices listed on the site starting on November 1st. The result is that some buyers will be charged more than the previous $10 flat fee, but it’s still much less than its competitors.

To break things down, if your device is sold on Swappa within the $0 – $100 price range then the buyer’s fee will only be $5. If the device you just sold on Swappa was priced between $101 and $300, then the fee will be the same $10 like it always has been. Any devices sold at a price over $300 will be subject to an additional $5 per price tier increase, as listed in the chart below.

Be sure to check Swappa’s fee page for the full details, but looking at the price difference between the available services it’s clear that Swappa’s tiered pricing system makes Swappa the preferable choice for enthusiasts looking to buy or sell their device. If this article is the first time you’ve ever heard of Swappa, then go register an account using the XDA-Developers username integration, and keep on the lookout for great sales on a wide variety of products.

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