TikTok introduces more tools to curb your short-form video watching habits

TikTok introduces more tools to curb your short-form video watching habits

TikTok’s endless stream of short-form videos is fun, entertaining, and let’s be frank, addicting. So it comes as no surprise, that one can often get lost when consuming content, spending hours at a time on the platform. In the past, TikTok implemented public PSAs and also a tool that allowed users to set screen time limits. In the coming weeks, TikTok will be taking things further, implementing new tools that will be aimed at supporting the digital well-being of its users.

The first tool will allow users to set break reminders during a single watching session. The user will be able to specify a time that they feel is sufficient and once that time limit is reached, a prompt will pop up indicating that a break should be taken. This prompt will only pop up when the watch time is uninterrupted.


The second tool will come in the form of a screen time dashboard. This will allow users to see how much time they are spending on the platform. Some of the data included in the dashboard will be summaries of daily time spent in the app, the number of times the app has been opened, and a usage report for both day and night. If you’re one to forget, a weekly notification can be set, as a reminder to review the dashboard.

Of course, what good are these tools if they aren’t being used? Because of this, TikTok will begin prompting its younger community members, aged 13 through 17, to check out the screen time tools. The prompt will only appear if the designated users are using the service for more than 100 minutes in a single day. Furthermore, TikTok will offer a new guide for those that are curious and want more information about their own digital well-being.

TikTok states that:

We hope these new digital well-being tools continue to support our community in fostering a positive relationship with TikTok. We will continue to invest in protecting the well-being of people so that our community can feel in control of their TikTok experience and empowered to express their creativity, make meaningful connections and enjoy culture-defining entertainment.

TikTok has been busy for the month of June. Recently, the service introduced a new LIVE subscription service, meant to give creators a new way to earn revenue from the platform. The company also introduced Avatars, along with Pride and Black Music Month celebrations. TikTok can be downloaded for iOS and Android.

Are you a TikTok user? If so, does the endless stream of short-form videos make it harder to stop watching? Let us know in the comments below. 

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