[Update: Back online] Online dancing comes to a halt: TikTok is currently down

[Update: Back online] Online dancing comes to a halt: TikTok is currently down

Update (03/10/2022 @ 10:40 ET): TikTok users are now reportedly able to access the service again. The article as published on March 10th, 2022, at 09:15 ET, is preserved below.

TikTok — the popular social platform amongst teenagers and young adults — is currently down. Users worldwide are facing issues when trying to connect to the service, causing outrage on other social media apps — such as Twitter. It’s still unclear when the company will resolve the issue. So for now, TikTokers will have to wait for an indefinite amount of time.

According to Down Detector, users are facing problems when trying to post on or access the TikTok service. It’s not uncommon for social platforms to face these issues from time to time — as servers go down all the time. While the reason behind this is still unknown, it could be an overload that the company will eventually fix.


At the time of writing, the company seemingly hasn’t issued an official statement regarding the matter. However, it’s safe to assume that TikTok is internally aware of what’s going on. The platform would first need to investigate and find the cause behind this outage. After that, it can deal with these issues — when it pinpoints the source.

TikTok gained its success after popularizing its original feed format. Users get an endless stream of short videos about various topics. And as a person uses the service more, the algorithm starts learning about their specific interests. This allows the app to surface even more relevant content that makes putting your phone down a challenge. Eventually, other popular platforms started copying this format — but TikTok is still seen as a pioneer when it comes to that.

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Source: Down Detector

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