TikTok is now optimized for the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3

TikTok is now optimized for the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3

Google has been hard at work optimizing Android for foldables and large screen devices. It all started with Android 12.1, which brought numerous improvements and UI tweaks for foldables and tablets. But of course, OS-level optimizations alone can’t make a difference; you also need a rich ecosystem of apps optimized for large-screen devices. To that end, Google announced at this year’s I/O event that it would be updating more than twenty Google apps to look and work better on big screens. At the time, the company also confirmed that a bunch of third-party apps, including TikTok and Facebook, would also roll out tablet-focused UIs.


As spotted by Reddit user /uekota, TikTok has been optimized for the Galaxy Z Fold 3. With the new update, videos no longer get cut off on the cover display. In addition, when you’re watching a video on the cover display and switch to the inner display, the video doesn’t refresh. The creators’ home page layout has also been optimized; the grid now displays four video entries instead of three. Additionally, the main screen uses a smaller share sheet which is easier to navigate.

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But it seems there’s still a lot of work to be done. According to some users, subtitles on the main display are still not displayed correctly, while the option to turn them off also doesn’t work. And some videos still get slightly cut off.

“Tested with a video of a weird aspect ratio, and it still spilled off the edges of the screen,” wrote u/Awseome2logan. Hopefully, these issues will be addressed in the subsequent updates.

TikTok’s new update isn’t just limited to the Galaxy Z Fold 3. As reported by several users, the UI tweaks and optimizations also work on the Galaxy Z Fold 2.

To try out TikTok’s new UI for foldables, download the latest update from the Play Store. Alternatively, you can also sideload the new APK from APKMirror.

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