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Get the brand-new Tile Mate and Tile Sim trackers on sale, starting at $20

Get the brand-new Tile Mate and Tile Sim trackers on sale, starting at $20

The market for small tracking devices has exploded over the past year, with Apple introducing AirTags, Samsung starting to sell Galaxy SmartTags, and dozens of other companies giving it a shot. Tile’s trackers are still some of the best options available, especially if you want something that works with any Android and iOS device, and now the company’s latest trackers are on sale for the first time for Black Friday.

First up is the new Tile Mate ($20, down from $25), which Tile calls the 2022 model, even though 2022 definitely hasn’t started yet. It transmits its location with Bluetooth, up to a distance of 250 ft / 76 m, and it’s also water-resistant. If you lose whatever the Tile is attached to, and it’s still within range of your phone (or another device connected to your account), you can have the Tile make a sound. When a Tile is out of range, other devices with the Tile app installed can help you locate it — Tile’s mesh network isn’t quite as expansive as the network for Apple’s AirTags, but AirTags only work with iOS devices.

    This latest Tile Mate is perfect for tracking keys and other small objects.
    This Tile can slide into a wallet or pocket like a credit card.

The new Tile Slim is also on sale ($28, down from $35), which works just like the Tile Mate (complete with the same 250 ft. range), but it can more easily fit inside a wallet. Both the Tile Slim and Tile Mate have non-replaceable batteries, so after about three years or so, you’ll have to buy new ones. The Tile Pro has a replaceable cell battery, just like Galxay SmartTags and Apple AirTags, but that one is not on sale.

I’ve bought a few Tile trackers for myself over the past few months, and my dog currently wears one on her collar. The ability to ‘share’ your tiles with other people with the Tile app is also handy.

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