Best Buy’s Tile Smart Tracker Cyber Monday sale will make sure you never lose your stuff again

Best Buy’s Tile Smart Tracker Cyber Monday sale will make sure you never lose your stuff again

I always seem to misplace my wallet. It’s a bit ridiculous, considering I picked up a brightly-colored wallet with a strap just to try to not lose the thing. Thankfully, I’m far from the only one, and the Tile smart tracker was created. Working off the same concept as a ‘find your phone’ app, tiles can be attached to non-smart objects like your keys and wallet so you can track them via Bluetooth. It’s pretty useful! For Cyber Monday, Best Buy is having a sale on the whole Tile line, so now’s your chance to pick one up.

    Having trouble with losing things? Tile can help! Best Buy is having a sale on the Tile line of products for Cyber Monday, so now's your chance to grab one for your wallet or keyring.

Not sure what Tile product to get? It really depends on the item you want to track. The Tile Mate is the original product, and it’s best suited for your keys. There’s a helpful hole for your keyring, and it’s also pretty small, so the Mate won’t add to the bulk. One Mater is just $18!

If you’re like me and need something to track the wallet with, though, another Tile smart tracker will be better for you–the Tile Slim. This is basically a Tile that’s credit card shaped, so it can easily slip into an empty slot. It’s also great for other important objects that have sleeves to store objects, like a passport holder.

Finally, there’s the Tile Sticker. If the Mate or the Slim doesn’t suit your needs, the Sticker is sure to solve your problems. You can easily and discreetly place a Sticker on any object you have a tendency of losing (like an umbrella, I lose those a lot), and suddenly you have an easy to track object. A four-pack is on sale for $40!

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