Tint System Bars with Flat Style Colored Bars!

Tint System Bars with Flat Style Colored Bars!

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Custom ROMs and mods allowing you to tint system bars have always been popular. This has been especially true with the previous hype surrounding KitKat’s leaked images, as well as the upcoming changes in Lollipop allowing developers to easily set the status bar’s color.

Over the years, we’ve seen different implementations for this in various ROMs such as AOSPA, ThinkingBridge‘s Chameleon Engine and OmniROM. Flashing one of these custom ROM may not be feasible for all users, though. Luckily, the Xposed Framework allowed this feature to be made in a more portable manner. We’ve already seen Tinted Status Bar by XDA Recognized Developer MohammadAG and Tinted Translucent StatusBar by XDA Forum Member Woalk. Now, a new Xposed module joins the club, with a different implementation to tint system bars that may suit you better.

Flat Style Colored Bars by XDA Senior Member ibocharov tries to detect colors using different methods, drawing inspiration from AOSPA’s Dynamic System Bars (and iOS for its preferences screen):

  • A screenshot is taken when an activity first starts, and the colors are then extracted for the status and navigation bars. For better performance, the colors are then cached.
  • For Holo and Material apps, the colors are directly taken from the ActionBar or Toolbar (for the status bar), and from the bottom bar for the navigation bar.
  • Users can also easily define a custom color for any activity, if the automatic detection fails for any reason.

The module is still at an early stage and more features are planned for the future, such as overlay styles (similar to the KitKat gradient or Lollipop’s darker shade) for paid users. Most ROMs running 4.3 or higher should be supported, including some manufacturer ROMs such as HTC or LG. If you’d like to give it a try, visit the Flat Style Colored Bars forum thread now to get started!