Check the Forecast and Learn to Code with Tiny Weather

Check the Forecast and Learn to Code with Tiny Weather

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App development on Android  is definitely a challenging, but fun task. You need to learn how to code in Java and familiarize yourself with the whole ecosystem before starting to work on a project. There are some resources available in various places that make the process a tad easier than hitting the books.

Not too long ago, we presented two handy video tutorials about launcher and live wallpaper development by XDA Senior Member sylsau. Both projects were rather easy to complete, so sylsau decided to show something a bit more difficult. Tiny Weather is a weather forecast application that can show you the conditions for the next 16 days. It has an elegant theme and simple, aesthetic UI. The application can also detect your current location using GPS.

In addition to providing the application, the author also added a video tutorial showing the process of development. The application is quite complicated, so the video tutorial is split into a few chapters. The first one is currently available in the thread.

You can try out the application on your own by visiting the Tiny Weather app thread. You can also learn how to create your own application (identical or very similar) by watching the provided videos.