Tired of Modding Pics to Fit as Wallpapers? Try Ultra Wide HD LWP

Tired of Modding Pics to Fit as Wallpapers? Try Ultra Wide HD LWP

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The stock Android cropping tool is, in my humble opinion, one of the worst features that Android has. It personally makes me miss adding background images to my old Windows Mobile devices because, well, there wasn’t a whole lot that needed to be done to them so that they would fit.

It is very annoying when you have that great shot that you took with your phone and cannot properly use it as a background because the cropping tool will only allow you to work with a pre-defined ratio, no matter what you do. And half the time, the background that you selected looks absolutely horrendous and usually cropped beyond what you thought you did. If you feel the same way I do, then you may want to check what XDA member lithium76 made for us.

Ultra Wide HD LWP will allow you to tweak, mod, crop, add effects, and do tons of stuff to any picture, regardless of the size, and will let you use it as a background, extending it through the screens. The app has lots of tools so make sure that you familiarize with all of them to give your new background that special dose of awesomeness that it so desperately needed. Please leave some feedback for the dev and any suggestions that you may have regarding more functionality or bugs.

With most launchers allowing for you to have multiple home screens, why are you still limited to such a small wallpaper? Well, that’s about to change with the Ultra Wide HD LWP.

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