Titanium Backup Confirms It’s Working On Adding Support For Adoptable Storage

Titanium Backup Confirms It’s Working On Adding Support For Adoptable Storage

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Titanium Backup is simply one of the most powerful tools for any rooted Android device out there. The app lets users backup and restore all of their installed apps and their user data, including all system apps and protected apps, across multiple ROMs.

Now, the developer behind the app has confirmed that one more nifty feature is soon will be added to the app. On its official Twitter handle yesterday, Titanium Backup confirmed that they’re currently working on adding support for the Adoptable Storage feature for devices running Android 6.0 and above.

The app currently doesn’t natively support backing up apps and data stored on Adoptable Storage, so this should be a welcome addition for those who has formatted their external storage as internal storage and are facing issues backing up their apps with Titanium Backup.

Introduced with the release of Android 6.0 Marshmallow, Adoptable Storage lets users format their external storage as the internal storage so that it can be used to store apps and user data. While the ability to move apps to the SD card has been around since Android 2.2, not all apps support moving their data to the SD card, with some allowing only a small part to be moved to the external storage. Adoptable Storage, on the other hand, makes it possible to move all the data such as apps and user data freely between both storage solutions and acts more like a combined internal storage.

Now that the app is adding native support for the feature, it should make it easier to backup apps and data stored on Adoptable Storage as well. It’s unclear exactly when the feature will be added to the app, but still it’s good to see that the developer is adding support for a very useful functionality.

Source: @TitaniumBackup