Titanium Backup Team Releases ‘My Titanium’ App to Showcase their Upcoming Apps

Titanium Backup Team Releases ‘My Titanium’ App to Showcase their Upcoming Apps

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Whenever we talk about rooting an Android device and go on to list out the possibilities of what we can accomplish after rooting, one of the top suggestion that flows in is to enable the user to take a backup of their app and its accompanying data. And whenever we talk about backing up, mentions of Titanium Backup are bound to pop up.

And that is not without good reason. Titanium Backup has had downloads in the range of 10 Million – 50 Million from the Play Store ever since it got listed on. It is also one of those apps that has a consistently high rating, getting an average of 4.6 stars from more than 350,000 ratings. It’s one of the earliest apps that continues to retain its popularity and fan following. And to top it all off, it is among one of those rare apps that still boasts compatibility with Android versions going back all the way to Android 1.6. Yes, the app looks very dated in terms of UX, but the functionality it offers continues to remain unparalleled.

So, when Titanium Track, the team that handles Titanium Backup, launched a new app, we had to take note.

Enter ‘My Titanium’, the latest app from Titanium Track that will primarily serve as a showcase to their other upcoming apps and services. By itself, My Titanium is not very exciting from a consumer perspective. The app acts as an information portal, letting us know more about what else the team has in store.

My Titanium gives us an early look at the next two apps that the team is working on: EvGenie and MyTi.cloud. In a gist, EvGenie is a collaborative calendar which helps you plan events and do much more, while MyTi.cloud is a Swiss digital safe, intended to keep your data away from prying eyes of mass-market cloud storage providers. EvGenie stores your events and related data in MyTi.cloud, and so will Titanium Backup, wrapping up the package. You can learn more about these apps from their announcement blog post and from within the My Titanium app.

Pricing of MyTi.cloud and EvGenie are on a yearly subscription model which revolves around the storage slab you opt for, starting at about $21 for 10GB of cloud space and scaling up to around $105 for 100GB. While the pricing is steep, there are pre-order offers thrown in, with the best offer essentially making the bundle a one-time purchase.

What are your thoughts on MyTi.cloud and EvGenie? Let us know in the comments below!