Today Calendar Developer Deals With Pirates In A New Way

Today Calendar Developer Deals With Pirates In A New Way

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When Jack Underwood, developer of Today Calendar revealed that only 15% of users of the premium version had actually purchased the app, he also revealed his plans for dealing with the 85% of users that were pirating the application.

When he first gave the figures above, Reddit users took it upon themselves to help his plight, offering a wide range of potential solutions. Underwood finally decided to take a more light hearted approach to dealing with pirates, and whilst being humorous it could also be very effective. Users who have pirated the app will now have daily pirate and nautical related events added to their calendar, with a polite comment about the cause to explain why they are appearing.

This will of course require very careful implementation to ensure that legitimate customers do not end up seeing these additional events. However, if done correctly, this kind of DRM could prove to be very effective and increasingly popular.

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