Today only:  SanDisk SD cards, SSDs, flash drives, and more are on sale

Today only: SanDisk SD cards, SSDs, flash drives, and more are on sale

Western Digital sells a ton of storage devices, including SD cards and SSDs, sometimes under its SanDisk brand. Today the company has discounted several of its storage products on Amazon in a daily deal promotion, ranging from 18-52% off per device. No matter if you need more room on your Nintendo Switch, or you’re in the middle of building a PC, there are some decent sales worth taking a look at.

Several SD cards are on sale, including the SanDisk 256GB A2 microSD, a 256GB A1 microSD, and a 256GB full-size SD card. There are also a few internal and external SSDs, USB Type-C and Lightning flash drives, and traditional hard drives. The standout deal appears to be the 256GB SanDisk Extreme card for $35, not only because it’s a faster A2-class microSD, but also because it has never been cheaper on Amazon.

    Western Digital (and its SanDisk subsidiary) is running a one-day sale on SD cards, flash drives, SSDs, hard drives, and more.

Check out the link above for all the sales. The promotion is live for today only (October 11), and some products might go out of stock before then. Even though the main sale page says “up to 30% off,” some sales are higher than that, such as the 512GB Nintendo Switch card for 34% off.

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