Today only: Wi-Fi routers and extenders from Netgear are up to 26% off

Today only: Wi-Fi routers and extenders from Netgear are up to 26% off

The rise in working from home has led many of us to realize our Wi-Fi networks are terrible. There’s inevitably one room where the signal is too weak, or the whole network slows to a crawl when someone starts up Netflix. Thankfully, Netgear has discounted some of its routers and extenders in a one-day sale on Amazon, making today a great time to upgrade your Wi-Fi.

First up is the Netgear AX1800, which is built for homes up to 1,500 sq. ft. with full support for Wi-Fi 6. It’s currently priced at $74.99 right now, a decent savings from the usual price of $90-100. The router is a decent option for smaller homes, especially for under $100, but support for the newer Wi-Fi 6E standard is missing.


    This Wi-Fi 6 router is an excellent option for smaller homes, where mesh systems aren't really needed.

    This router has a powerful gaming-focused interface and more LAN connectors, but it doesn't support Wi-Fi 5.

    This can help extend the range of your existing Wi-Fi network, with full support for Wi-Fi 6.

The other router on sale is the Nighthawk Pro XR500, which delivers faster speeds than the above-mentioned AX1800, and also has a more customizable dashboard. The sale price is $159.99, and the router usually goes for around $190-200. Even though this model has fast speeds on paper, it can’t broadcast a Wi-Fi 6 network, so you might have connectivity problems if you have many other Wi-Fi signals around you (e.g. you live in an apartment complex).

Finally, Netgear is selling its Wi-Fi 6 Mesh Range Extender for $89.99, down from the usual price of $129.99. This is mostly intended to be used with existing Wi-Fi 6 networks, but it will work with just about any router or network. It’s dual-band, not tri-band, so speeds will be lower than a signal coming from your primary router — but that doesn’t matter too much if your router can’t reach a certain area in the first place.

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