Today Weather App Redesigned for Tablets, Foldables and Android 12-style for Widgets

Today Weather App Redesigned for Tablets, Foldables and Android 12-style for Widgets

XDA’s favorite solution for a full-featured weather app is Today Weather. This app has been one of the best free weather apps available on the Play store for some time now. Consistent updates keep this app fitted with new features and more weather sources. Now their latest update brings a new design that supports foldable devices, tablets, and an Android 12-style look to the widgets.


Customizable Widgets

With the launch of Android 12, Google will implement their new Material You design standard. To achieve consistency with this new look, Today Weather now allows you to customize your weather widgets with features that will better match this style.


Spend some time editing the colors, icons, rounded corners, and transparency. Use the preview feature to get your design just right. The image below shows the many different types of designs and color options that you can use with these widgets.

Today Weather- Customizable Widgets

Foldable Layout

If you own a foldable phone or tablet, the latest update of Today Weather will be able to take advantage of your phone’s form factor. Two different information feeds can sit side-by-side, allowing you to see more information at a glance. This makes Today Weather the best weather app for users with new foldable phones.

Today Weather- Foldable Layout

Data Source Updates

New data sources have been added to the app, making nearly 20 sources of weather data that provide information to your feed. These are some of the current data sources, with the developers working hard to add more all the time.

Global weather data sources:

  • Dark Sky
  • OpenWeatherMap

Separated data sources for each country:

  • (U.S. National Weather Service)
  • (Canada’s official weather source)
  • (Germany’s Meteorological Service)
  • (The State Meteorological Agency of Spain)
  • (Meteo France Services)
  • (Australia’s official weather forecasts)
  • (Swedish Meteorological)
  • (Danish Meteorological Institute)
  • (The Norwegian Meteorological Institute)
  • (The Irish National Meteorological Service)

If you haven’t tried Today Weather yet, it’s a great time to get started. Autumn is beginning in the United States, so keep track of the changing weather in great detail.

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