Today Weather is Beautiful and We Have 150 Codes to Upgrade

Today Weather is Beautiful and We Have 150 Codes to Upgrade

There are plenty of weather apps on the Play store and nobody would fault you if you tend to always just download the most popular one.  But if you’re really looking for the best of the best, XDA recommends Today Weather. This weather app is the best when it comes to delivering all the information you’ll need in a way that is easy to read and understand. Plus, we have 100 codes to upgrade the app to ad-free (plus another 50 if you want a code for iOS). Just leave a comment on this article with your favorite feature of the app and also tell us your XDA username, plus whether you want a code for Android or iOS.

Useful Data at a Glance

The data-rich UI for Today Weather succeeds where other weather apps fail. It’s the design of the illustrations that make all the difference when delivering lots of data. In only a few seconds you’ll be able to get all the information that you’ll need about your weather and forecast.

Get your seven day forecast with the brilliant UI that can be read at a glance.

Know exactly when to expect your sunrise and sunset.

Keeping track of your air quality is a useful tool for people who live in large cities.

New Widgets

Today Weather has been updated with a bunch of different widget options. Choose from different widget styles and match something up with your phone’s theme. There are minimal widgets that will just tell you the current temperature, forecast widgets with tons of data being displayed, and photo widgets showing a beautiful photo of the current weather situation.

New Features

Today Weather is dead set on being the best weather app on the Play store. They’re always improving and adding new features. Along with several new features for Android, they have also launched a version of the app for iOS devices as well.

More data sources have been added for weather tracking enthusiasts who have preferred sources.

The live radar feature completes Today Weather as the only weather app you’ll ever need.

Severe weather alerts are important. They will display for high heat, heavy rain, tornado warnings and more.

Promotion Code Giveaway

Now is your chance to get a promotion code to unlock the premium version of this app. The premium version gives you ad-free and live radar. We have 150 codes to give away to the first 150 people that add a comment in this article. Just tell us your favorite feature of Today Weather, and tell us your XDA username. Be sure to tell us whether you want a code for Android or iOS.

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