Today Weather is the Best Weather App for AMOLED Displays

Today Weather is the Best Weather App for AMOLED Displays

As we begin to head into much colder weather, we wanted to take this opportunity to talk about one of our favorite weather apps. Today Weather has been our favorite app on the Play store and recently it has been given some very useful updates. Many parts of the United States are already starting to see quite a bit of snowfall, which means it’s a good time to find a weather app that will get you the information you need, in a clean and beautiful interface.

Those of you with phones that have AMOLED displays will especially like this app due to its dark theme. A lot of effort was put into the design of this app to make it look as good as it does. The colorful icons and data visuals are set against a black background which makes everything very easy to read at a glance.


A beautiful UI makes your weather data easier to read at a glance

Get all of the important information you need, on one simple page

Use live radar to track developing storms

The data-rich UI for Today Weather succeeds where other weather apps fail. It’s the design of the illustrations that make all the difference when delivering lots of data. In only a few seconds you’ll be able to get all the information that you’ll need about your weather and forecast.

One of my favorite features on Today Weather is the fantastic share feature. The share icon in the top right corner of the screen will take a snapshot of your entire local weather report. You can then send that as an image file to your friends. It’s a very simply feature, but surprisingly useful.

Lots of people have a personal preference about what source they’re pulling their data from. Today Weather is always adding more sources to choose from. Recently they’ve added sources from and

The standard screen size for new smartphones is now 18:9. Today Weather has kept up with this change by adding native support for 18:9 displays.

It doesn’t matter where you live in the world, you’ll be able to use Today Weather as they now support 50 different languages in their app.

Today Weather is always being updated with new exciting features. Download the latest version of Today Weather for iPhone or Android.

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