Toggle Cell Radio 5.0 Micromanages Your Lollipop Connectivity

Toggle Cell Radio 5.0 Micromanages Your Lollipop Connectivity

Not too long ago, we took a look at a handy little widget by XDA Senior Member cygery that let you control your WiFi connectivity status right from your home screen on Android 5.0 Lollipop. While ordinarily not too big of a deal, the previous offering filled a certain void that was created when Lollipop came about since most of the existing data connectivity widgets stopped working with the update.

Unfortunately, the same situation holds true for cell radio connectivity widgets, so cygery got back to work and created an similar Cell Radio connectivity widget for Android 5.0. Users can now freely control their data settings like in past Android versions. And when used in conjunction with the previously covered widget, you can micromanage your connectivity to your heart’s delight.

Although it was intended for Lollipop, this widget itself works with Android 2.1 or later. Head over to the Toggle Cell Radio 5.0 widget thread to get started.

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