Today’s Top Tech Deals: A Year of Bitdefender for $20, $300 Curved Monitor, and More!

Today’s Top Tech Deals: A Year of Bitdefender for $20, $300 Curved Monitor, and More!

Prime Day was wild, wasn’t it? After 48-hours of deals layered in more deals, you think there would be nothing to talk about today! But you’d be wrong. Very wrong. Deals don’t stop. There will never be a day on this Earth where you cannot save money on something, and it’s my job to let you know that there are even more ways to save. I will never escape the deals, which means you won’t, either.

So, with that said, today’s top tech deals include a year of Bitdefender Total Security for $20, a Monoprice curved monitor for $300, and more!

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Big Savings on JBL products on Amazon

Select JBL products were on sale at Amazon for Prime Day, but now, you can save on a wider variety of JBL speakers and headsets… and you don’t even need a Prime membership! If you didn’t pick up one of the many headphone deals over the last two days, you and still save on JBL’s Live 650BTNC or Club One, both being great headphones in their own right. Or you can pick up the Clip 3, a portable waterproof Bluetooth speaker.

    Pick up some quality speakers, headsets, and more with JBL's sale on Amazon. With the Clip 3 wireless speaker for only $40, there's no reason to not pick one up!

A Year of Bitdefender for $20

There are a lot of anti-virus software choices out there, so I wouldn’t blame you if you were left overwhelmed with the options. I’m here to tell you, though, is that Bitdefender is one of the standouts. I’ve used Bitdefender, and only Bitdefender, for years now, and it does an amazing job of keeping my PC safe and secure. At Amazon, clip the coupon on the store page in order to get a year of anti-virus security for up to five devices for only $20.

    Keep your devices secure for cheap. Clip the coupon on the store page in order to get one year of Bitdefender Total Security for just $20! This subscription will protect up to five devices, whether they be PC, Mac, or mobile.

$20 Off Corsair’s HS60 Gaming Headset

If you aren’t a fan of Razer, you might have found the headsets on sale during Prime Day a little… lacking. Best Buy has you covered, though, and you can save $20 on the Corsair HS60 gaming headset. With an understated yellow flair, this headset looks a lot better than the average gaming headset, where it seems bold and garish color schemes are popular choices. The Best Buy reviews are very positive for the headset too, stating clear sound and a sensitive mic.

    For just $50, get a quality gaming headset that isn't an eyesore. Corsair's HS60 gaming headset looks good and sounds good, offering great audio and a quality microphone.

Monoprice Curved Gaming Monitor for $300

An ultrawide curved gaming monitor for just $300? This isn’t only Amazon or Newegg–you’ll have to go to eBay for this deal! Monoprice is selling its 35-inch Zero-G curved monitor there, and the price is really good for this style of monitor. a 100Hz refresh rate is nothing to scoff at either, especially as most 120Hz monitors come at a much, much higher price. If you’re upgrading your PC on a budget, this monitor is a great choice.

    Head on over to eBay to get yourself a nice curved monitor for cheap. Monoprice's 35-inch curved monitor is just $300, and with FreeSync technology built-in, this monitor will give you a great gaming experience.

Big Save Event: Samsung Galaxy Tab A7 for $170

Most of the other retailers have ended their big events for the week, but Walmart is still going strong with the Big Save Event, which ends today. With it, you can grab yourself a Galaxy Tab A7 for just $170, $60 off the MSRP. It doesn’t come with a keyboard cover, and it’s definitely not the latest model of the Tab A line, but it’s a capable tablet in its own right. If you’re looking for a tablet to do a few simple tasks, you don’t really need the bleeding edge anyway, and the Tab A7 will be a great budget grab.

    It's the final day of the Big Save Event, so it's the last chance to save on the Samsung Galaxy Tab A7! The Tab A7 is a solid budget pick, and saving $60 on it makes picking one up even more enticing.

More Tech Deals

Looking for even more tech deals? We have them for you below! The Soundcore Life Q20 headphones are still at their base Prime Day price of $45, so pick them up if you haven’t already!

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