Today’s Top Tech Deals: Razer Gaming Keyboard for $90, Surface Pro 7 for $600, and More!

Today’s Top Tech Deals: Razer Gaming Keyboard for $90, Surface Pro 7 for $600, and More!

As the week goes on, I’m more intrigued by these larger, sometimes foldable phones and tablets. With our Galaxy Z Fold 2 day one review and Surface Pro Duo review, it’s getting more and more tempting to have a smartphone that’s more like a tiny tablet than actual phone. The temptation is quickly tempered with those price points, though. I could probably upgrade my entire PC rig for the price of a Fold 2!

Anyway, today’s top tech deals include a Razer gaming keyboard for $90, a deep discount on the Surface Pro 7, and more!

By the way, all four colors of the Nintendo Switch Lite are still in stock at Best Buy!


Kingston 64GB Flash Drive for $11

I’ve had a Kingston flash drive for literally a decade, and it hasn’t let me down yet. I’m more likely to lose it than it die at this point, and that flash drive has really gone through a lot. So when you see a deal like the Kingston 64GB flash drive for $11, it’s definitely worth a look. It’s simple, effective, and has a little purple on it. What’s not to love?

    Having a flash drive around is always a good idea, and it's even better if you're not worried about it biting the dust. Kingston's 64GB flash drive will have you covered, and you can get it now for just $11.

Razer Gaming Keyboard, $60 off

There’s nothing quite like a mechanical keyboard. Clacking away with a mechanical keyboard feels really satisfying, and the accuracy over a silicone keyboard can’t be beat. The problem is, mechanical keyboards can be expensive.

Right now, you can get Razer’s Huntsman gaming keyboard for $60 off, which brings it below $100. You can set up macros for your favorite games, and of course, it’s very clicky and has RGB lighting. You can’t ask for much else!

    Razer claims that their mechanical keyboard switches are the fastest around, with their own custom switch design to stand out from the competition. At only $90 for a new and RGB backlot keyboard, grab one and see if you'll fall in love with the clicky keys.

Garmin’s Birthday Sale is live!

Happy birthday Garmin! Celebrate with a sale on a whole bunch of Garmin stock. Whether you’re looking for a fitness watch that tracks everything or a simple smartwatch that looks stylish while giving you notifications, Garmin probably has what you want, and it’s probably on sale as well. Give the sale a look, you might find your new favorite watch.

    With discounts on Garmin's Instinct, vivomove, Forerunner, and more, this Birthday Bash has something for everyone. Check out what's on sale and maybe you'll fit your next smartwatch at a smart price.

Deep Surface Pro 7 discounts at Best Buy

Fancy laptops are all well and good, but sometimes you just want a good tablet that you can use like a laptop once and a while instead. In that case, Microsoft’s Surface Pro 7 is going to be one of your best bets. At Best Buy, you can get the Surface Pro 7 with 8GB RAM for $800, saving $230 off the MSRP. 8GB RAM should be enough to run even the most resource heavy productivity app, but if you’re okay with 4GB, you can grab the Surface Pro 7 for an even lower $600.

    If you want a powerful tablet instead of a laptop, the Surface Pro 7 is a no-brainer. Customize the tablet to suit your needs while saving big!

JBL T750BTNC Headphones for $100

If you’re looking for a solid pair of headphones but really don’t pay Sony caliber prices, JBL is a great alternative. Now, you can grab their T750BTNC headphones for an even $100, $30 off the MSRP. These bluetooth headphones have a fifteen hour battery life on a single charge and active noise cancelling, as well as JBL’s Pure Bass Sound. Essentially, you’ll get great quality without breaking the bank.

    JBL's bluetooth headphones have active noise cancelling, so you can enjoy your music without interruption. With a fifteen hour battery life off a single charge, these headphones will keep you in the zone all day.

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