Today’s Top Tech Deals: Switch Lite at Amazon, $900 Super Ultra-Wide Monitor, and More!

Today’s Top Tech Deals: Switch Lite at Amazon, $900 Super Ultra-Wide Monitor, and More!

How’s the weather in your area? It’s been raining where I live for a week straight now, thanks in large part to a tropical storm rolling through the area. It’s great for sleeping, but not so much for working and the general health of my tech if there’s a power outage. On top of that, it looks like T-Mobile is requiring new SIM cards for their 5G network, so I’m stuck with slower speeds in my home if the internet dies out. At least I have another reason to head into the store and consider an upgrade. Unlike me, though, you all have a chance to win a free upgrade with the OPPO Find X2, so make sure to get your entries in!


Today’s top tech deals include a $900 Super Ultra-Wide monitor, Switch Lites in stock at Amazon, and more!

WD 8TB Elements Desktop Hard Drive for $145

Yesterday, I highlighted a nice deal on a tiny external hard drive (that’s still active if you use the code 20TRNRT7), but today I’m going big. If you need as much as possible without breaking the bank, WD’s 8TB Elements external hard drive is $145, $35 off the MSRP. If you’re a person that collects lossless music or only wants 4K movies available, this external hard drive is for you.

    If you need a lot of space, you can't go wrong with a 8TB hard drive. WD is a trusted brand, so you know this big external hard drive can stand the test of time and keep all, and I mean all, of your data safe.

Switch Lite in Stock at Amazon

While the normal Nintendo Switch keeps going in and out or stock at Amazon, the Switch Lite seems to be holding steady is terms of stock. While it’s only the Coral and Grey colors, if you’ve been waiting on grabbing this handheld to take advantage of Amazon payment plans, now’s your chance to grab one!

    While it's only the Coral and Grey colors at this time, Switch Lites are available on Amazon and have stayed in stock for more than fifteen minutes! Who knows how much longer they'll be around, though, so don't delay if you want one.

Today Only, Save 33% On a OnePlus 7T

One plus 7 equals T? I think Woot’s bad jokes are starting to infect me? Cringey jokes aside, Woot! has the OnePlus 7T unlocked for a low $400 today. You can get it in blue or silver, but be warned that this is a GSM phone, which won’t work with Verizon! It does work with T-Mobile and AT&T though, so if you’re on one of their plans you’re good to go. If you have Amazon Prime, shipping from Woot! is free.

    Looking for a great OnePlus phone at a great price? Woot! has new, unlocked OnePlus 7T phones for just $400, today only. These are GSM phones, so make sure your carrier supports GSM before you buy!

Samsung 49″ Super Ultra-Wide Monitor $100 Off

You’re seen normal HD monitors, you’ve seen ultra-wide monitors, what about a super ultra-wide monitor? If you want the longest of the long, you can pick up Samsung’s Samsung 49″ CHG90 Super Ultra-Wide Monitor from Best Buy for $900, $100 off the MSRP. You can also get a keyboard combo with this for $30 more, if you haven’t already picked one up.

    If ultra-wide isn't wide enough for you, Samsung has a 49-inch super ultra-wide monitor that's built just for you. Save $100 on the CHG90 at Best Buy and get ready for the curved super ultra-wide life today.

Loncaster Car Phone Holder for $13

When I had a car, I had so many difficulties finding a phone holder that did what I needed it to do and didn’t feel like my device was going to drop out of it at any second. I wish I knew about Loncaster’s phone holder then, with its ability to snugly hold your phone in landscape mode. Perfect for GPS directions? The holder’s design also makes it way less likely to come apart, and right now you can grab one of these for just $13.

    Sick of trying other phone holders and having them fall apart? Loncaster's phone holder is simple and effective, ensuring that your phone will stay secure while you're using it for directions.

More Tech Deals

Looking for even more tech deals? We have them for you below! The Samsung Galaxy Book Flex inched down $4 more overnight… how low can it go?

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