Today’s Top Tech Deals: Alienware Monitor 25% Off, Aukey Webcam for $40, and More

Today’s Top Tech Deals: Alienware Monitor 25% Off, Aukey Webcam for $40, and More

Are you a part of the mad rush to pre-order a PlayStation 5 or NVIDIA 3080? Godspeed to you, it’s a wild pre-ordering world out there. It seems like stock for both have gone out early, gone out late, and keep coming in and out of stock… I tried to get my hands on a 3080, but I think I’ll just have to wait a while.

Today’s top tech deals include an Aukey webcam for $40, 24% off an Alienware monitor, and more!

The Grey Nintendo Switch Lite has sold out on Amazon, but the Coral color is still available–and let’s face it, that’s the best color of them all. While you’re at it, pick up a microSD for your new purchase for just $32!


Samsung Galaxy Buds+ for $94 at Amazon

Target has been having a sale this week on Samsung Galaxy Buds+ for $130, but Amazon currently has that price more than beat. As long as you’re alright with black, you can pick up Samsung premier bluetooth earbuds for $94, one of the lowest prices I’ve seen on them yet. They don’t have a US warranty, but if you take great care of your electronics, that’s far from a deal breaker. With Ambient Aware2 and 11 straight hours of media playback on a single charge, getting the Galaxy Buds+ for sub $100 is a hell of a steal.

    Don't want to mess around with other brands and just want some of the best earbuds on the market without the fuss? The black Galaxy Buds+ are on sale at Amazon for a low $94. The Buds+ hold a long charge and have active noise cancelling, although you can activate Ambient Aware2 if you still need to hear some of the world around you.

Aukey 1080p Webcam for $40

Webcams are still a very hot commodity in a work from home heavy world, so finding a great deal on a decent webcam hasn’t been the easiest. But, you can get Aukey’s 1080p webcam for $40 if you use the code 4KUI7LVE at checkout. This will stream your glorious quarantine face at 1080p, so you’ll look sharp during those Zoom meetings. It’s a “plug-and-play” webcam too, so you don’t need to mess with installing drivers or software to use it.

    If you're still trying to find a decent webcam at the right price, you can pick up Aukey's 1080 webcam for $40 by using the code 4KUI7LVE at checkout. This webcam will make sure you're seen during meetings and Zoom calls, without any annoying updates or software to download.

Motorola One Zoom (Unlocked) $130 Off

Another day, another discounted Motorola phone on Amazon! The Cosmic Purple version of the Motorola One Zoom is available for $320, $130 off the MSRP. This is only for the purple phone, and this unlocked phone is GSM only–so you can’t use it with Sprint or Verizon. If those aren’t deal breakers, though, you can get this decent quality phone at a low price now. The Motorola One Zoom isn’t the most cutting edge phone, but it’ll certainly do all the basic smartphone functions without an issue.

    Need a budget phone that'll last you a while? The Motorola One Zoom is available for $320 on Amazon, and as long as you don't mind it being purple, it'll do the job and then some. Just make sure your carrier can use a GSM network before you buy!

Alienware 34″ Curved Gaming Monitor 25% Off

This monitor is for the hardcore gamers out there. Alienware’s 34″ ultra-wide monitor is curved and features a 2ms response time, making sure that there’s no lag between you and the game. This monitor is basically the creme of the monitor crop, and it’s 25% off now at Dell’s store. Why not compliment that 3080 you’re trying to buy with Alienware’s monitor while you’re at it?

Razer Kraken Ultimate Headset for $100

New headsets are always tough to shop for. You can go with a cheaper, lesser-known brand and get lucky, but you’re just at likely to get a headset that’ll go bad quickly, or be uncomfortable to keep over your ears for a long period of time. Cut out the trial and error and save money at the same time by picking up the Razer Kraken Ultimate headset at Best Buy. For $100, you’ll get a headset that you know will be of a quality build, and it also has LEDs in it. Who doesn’t love a little glow on their PC accessories?

    Stop messing around with low-quality, cheap headsets and have one that lasts for years with the Razer Kraken Ultimate. This wired headset also features some LEDs in the cups, so you can game in glowing style.

More Tech Deals

Looking for even more tech deals? We have them for you below! The Garmin Fenix 5X rose $19 since yesterday, but it’s still a pretty great deal for a high-end fitness smartwatch.

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