Today’s Top Tech Deals: $50 off Netgear’s Hotspot Router, $100 Off Tab S7 with Keyboard, and More!

Today’s Top Tech Deals: $50 off Netgear’s Hotspot Router, $100 Off Tab S7 with Keyboard, and More!

We’re halfway through the week, but there’s already been some exciting news, hasn’t there? Samsung has revealed their Galaxy S20 FE, and let me just say, I love the colors they have available for the device. I mean, maybe that’s not the most important thing for a smartphone, especially if you’re throwing a case on it, but it’s still looking pretty snazzy. Also, I’m hoping these Huawai FreeBuds Pro earbuds will be available eventually on Amazon–I could use a quality pair of bluetooth buds to use without emptying my wallet!

Today’s top tech deals is an Amazon showcase, including $100 off a Samsung Tab S7 with a keyboard cover, a deal on a mobile hotspot router, and more!


If you need an S Pen replacement, you can pick one up from Best Buy. Grab one before they sell out!

AUKEY 63W Dual-Port PD Wall Charger for $21

If you need a compact charger that’ll take care of your smartphone and laptop, the AUKEY Focus 63W Charger will be the one for you. This wall charger can charge anything that can hook up via USB-C, so you can save a lot of suitcase space with packing just two USB-C cables and this charger. Clip the coupon and use code SI928FT8 at checkout to get it for $21.

    Pack less wires and save space with Aukey's USB-C charger! It can charge not only your phone, but your USB-C compatible laptop or other tech. Use code SI928FT8 and clip the coupon to save the most!

Samsung Tab S7 128GB with Keyboard Cover for $750

Tablets can be a great midway point between a laptop and a smartphone, but you need to make sure to get the right kind. Heck, the right tablet can replace your laptop entirely, and the Samsung Tab S7 can do just that. The Tab S7 is powerful enough to play games and run most applications, and this bundle comes with a keyboard cover that’ll complete the whole “tablet that’s a laptop replacement” experience. You’ll also get an S Pen, so you can easily take notes or draw with the Tab S7, and you’ll save $100 on the whole thing at Amazon.

    Who needs a laptop when you can buy a tablet that can do everything a laptop can and more? You can pick up the Samsung Tab S7 with a keyboard cover for $750 on Amazon, and it also includes the great S Pen. Join the tablet life today!

Roccat Kain 100 Gaming Mouse for $30

There are a lot of brands of keyboards and mice to choose from, but I can personally verify the quality of Roccat devices. They’re the ones I use every day, for work and for gaming! So whenever I see a quality Roccat item on sale, I want people to take a look, and the item up for sale today is the Roccat Kain 100 Gaming Mouse. This wired mouse has only two programmable buttons on the side (but frankly, do you need more?) and allows you to change mouse sensitivity at the press of the DPI button. With the black 100 and the silver 102 being only $30 on Amazon, now’s the perfect chance to get a quality mouse.

    Get a good gaming mouse for cheap with Roccat's Kain 100 gaming mouse. For only $30, you'll have a mouse that has two programmable buttons, as well as the ability to change mouse sensitivity at any time.

$50 Off the NETGEAR Nighthawk M1 Hotspot Router

Mobile hotspots can be super useful, if you have the right carrier plan. I’ve had to turn my smartphone into a mobile hotspot on more than one occasion, when the WiFi unrepentantly failed or was just bad. However, if you’re in an area with exceptionally poor internet service, you might want to look into a mobile hotspot router, which just happens to be $50 off at Amazon. Put a SIM card into this baby and you’ll have 4G LTE internet anywhere you have a phone signal. Pretty sweet!

    Have internet wherever you need with with a mobile hotspot router. For $300, Netgear's router will get you the speeds you need without having to use your smartphone as a tether. With the right carrier, you can even get a hotspot data plan!

RAVPower 32000mAh Power Bank for $51

Power banks will never not be useful, and some version of one will never not be on sale. But, when it comes to power banks and battery packs, you’ll want to make sure you’re getting one that’s good quality so it doesn’t crap out when you need it, and those aren’t always on sale. RAVPower’s 32000mAh power bank is just that, though, and you can grab it for just $51. the huge battery means you’ll have plenty of juice for charging multiple devices, and RAVPower is a quality battery brand.

    Get yourself a quality, high-capacity power bank for just $51. RAVPower's 32000mAh power bank can charge multiple devices multiple times, and you can be cure this battery pack will last.

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