Today’s Top Tech Deals: $200 off Galaxy Note 20, Nintendo Switch Lite, and More!

Today’s Top Tech Deals: $200 off Galaxy Note 20, Nintendo Switch Lite, and More!

Great news–Android 11 is officially on the way! If you’re interested in whether your phone will be getting the latest OS, we’ve whipped up a handy Android 11 update tracker to keep you informed. My phone, being over two years old at this point, would probably melt if Android 11 was pushed through it. Maybe it’s time for an upgrade?

As a matter of fact, today’s top tech deals include $200 off the Samsung Galaxy Note 20, Nintendo Switch Lites finally in stock, and more. It’s almost as if retailers know people need to upgrade their phones and gadgets!

Kensington Trackball Mouse for $84

Remember trackballs? While almost everyone has moved on to the humble mouse for their computers, there are good reasons to pick up a good quality trackball. Because of the way you use a trackball, you can help prevent injuries to you wrist and forearm, or simply make it easier to use a computer if you suffer from carpal tunnel. Kensington’s bluetooth trackball is on sale for $84, down from the MSRP of $100, so why not grab one and give it a try?

    Save your wrist and forearm the pain of constant mouse use with Kensington's trackball. It might take a little getting used to, but your arm will thank you.

Samsung Galaxy Note 20 5G for $800

I’ve been eyeing the Galaxy Note 20, with it’s S Pen functionality, powerful specs, and overall sleek look. But, as you might guess from someone that writes about deals, the $1,000 price tag is a little hard to swallow. Amazon has a flat $200 off an unlocked Galaxy Note 20, and if you don’t want to be signed onto a specific carrier, this is one of the better deals out there.

    Samsung's new flagship phone has an intelligent battery, S Pen functionality, and great specs. If you're in the market for a new phone, now's your chance for a $200 discount!

Aukey’s 1080p Webcam for $40

Webcams are still flying out of stock, but Aukey’s 1080p webcam is not only available, but you can get it for $40! The webcam is $10 off the MSRP of $60, but you can clip a coupon on the page in order to save an additional $10. Aukey is a great budget brand, so you know you’ll be getting a decent webcam at a great price.

    Tired of that low-quality webcam you had to quickly buy when you started working from home? Spend $40 and upgrade to Aukey's 1080p webcam. It'll get the job done, and it'll do it well.

Nintendo Switch Lite in Stock at Best Buy

At this point, just seeing a Nintendo Switch or Switch Lite in stock feels like a deal. Sure, the Switch Lites at Best Buy are at MSRP, but if you’ve been spending weeks or months trying to nab something to play Nintendo games on, this is still an easy buy. As of the time of this writing, all four colors are still in stock–that’s including the harder-to-find Coral color. Act fast, because who knows when stock will run dry!

    Have you been trying to pick up a Switch Lite for a while now with no luck? Well, Best Buy has all four colors of the Switch Lite available for purchase as of the time of this writing! What are you waiting for? Grab one before it's too late!

Xbox One Controller Pro Charging Stand for $26

The Xbox Series X and Series S are officially revealed–finally! Better news still, the Xbox One controllers are compatible with the new consoles. That’s great, as my Xbox One controller is my favorite way to play most of my PC games. The only problem is the lack of a rechargable battery… which can be worked around by grabbing the Xbox One Controller Pro Charging Stand straight from the Microsoft Store! It’s on sale for $26, and you can grab a stand and battery cover that matches your controller while giving your controller a nice place to sit.

    Charge your Xbox One controller while giving it a stylish place to sit with Microsoft's official stand. You can get a color to match your controller, and even use the Xbox One controller on the new Series X and Series S!

More Tech Deals

Looking for even more tech deals? We have them for you below! As it turns out, the Galaxy Book Flex has dropped another $6 since yesterday. Who knows if it’ll keep dropping or shoot back up to MSRP though, so if you’re interested don’t delay.

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