Top 5 Gmail/Inbox Features on Android

Top 5 Gmail/Inbox Features on Android

Hey kids, do you like emails? Gmail is something we all use whether we like it or not. For those of you that are Gmail power users, you’ll want to check out these features that will improve your Gmail experience on Android.

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Number Five: Undo Send


Gmail has a fantastic feature that lets you undo a sent email that you may have fired off before it was ready. this feature is noticeably absent from the official Gmail app. If you download the inbox app, you’ll find the undo option popup after every email you send.

Number Four: Snooze Emails


Once again, this feature is exclusive to the Inbox app. Sometimes you’re not able to reply to all the incoming emails. Many of us will read and email and if we can’t shoot out a reply right away, we will forget about the email entirely. The snooze feature in Inbox lets you set a time or place where your email will popup again. Everyone has a different schedule. You might show up at home every night at 8:32pm. If that’s the case, then you can set a custom snooze time in your settings. Modify your morning, afternoon and evening times so when you snooze an email, you’ll receive it exactly when you want it.

Number Three: Format


In the default Gmail app, you can access the text format options by pressing and holding the composition field. You’ll have access to text color, highlight color, underline, italics and a few other essential features.

Number Two: Attachments


In the Gmail app, the attachments option will take you right to your file browser where you can select from your local files. The Inbox attachment system is much better, showing your recent files at the bottom of your screen. You can also launch your camera from within the app and snap a photo.

Number One: Google Now


Google Now handles sending emails like a champ. Start with the “New Email” command and Google will walk you through the rest. It’s fast and works great for simple emails that don’t require attachments and text formatting.

Feel free to share your favorite Gmail features in the comments and have a Merry Christmas!

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