Today’s Top Tech Deals: Blinks Minis for $25, $120 Projector, and More!

Today’s Top Tech Deals: Blinks Minis for $25, $120 Projector, and More!

Big things are happening here at XDA! We have a nice, fancy new logo, and other exciting things in the works. Make sure to sign up and mark your calendars for October 27th! While you’re waiting for the big unveiling, you can learn web development for just $35. Who says education is expensive? (I do, but still, this is a great deal.)

As for today’s top tech deals, retailers and companies are holding back for what will only be a mad rush next week. Still, there are a few early deals to take advantage of, like a $25 Blink Mini, a nicely priced projector, and more!

Good news–as of the time of this writing, the Nintendo Switch is in stock at Amazon again! Grab one before it inevitably sells out.


$10 Best Buy Gift Card with $100 Hulu or Netflix Gift Card Purchase

You know what is happening next week? Best Buy’s start of their Black Friday event. Yes, it’s October, and yes, it starts on a Tuesday. What can you do? You can get yourself a $10 Best Buy gift card when you purchase a Netflix or Hulu $100 gift card. Gift card deals aren’t all that common, and a Netflix or Hulu gift card can make a fantastic gift for someone during the holidays, so why not get a little back while you start gift shopping early?

    Get a perfect holiday gift for someone that's impossible to shop for while getting something for yourself! Purchase a $100 Netflix or Hulu gift card and get a $10 Best Buy gift card. Perfect for the deals next week!

Early Prime Day Deal: Blink Mini for $25

Why post a regular deal when you can post an early Prima Day deal? The Blink Mini is currently $10 off for Amazon Prime members, and it’s a perfect little camera to go along with your Echo Show. In fact, you can even buy both of them together for just $50! That’s a pretty great deal, too, but if you already have the Show and just need a camera, you can pick up the Blink Mini by itself and get 10% cashback if you have an Amazon Prime credit card.

    Keep an eye around the house with the Blink Mini camera, $10 off at Amazon ahead of Prime Day. These go perfect with the Echo Show and other smart home devices, allowing you to make sure the baby or pets are alright or keep an eye on the front door for security purposes.

Anker Soundcore Life Q20 Headphones, $10 Off

If you’re not an audiophile, do you really need that $300 pair of headphones? Not really, if you’re not going to be able to really detect the difference. Besides, there are plenty of quality headphones that are reasonably priced, like Anker’s Soundcore Life Q20 headphones! If you clip the coupon on the page, these wireless noise-canceling headphones are just $50. With memory foam earcups and up to 40 hours of playtime on a charge, you’re paying for less but not settling for less.

    You deserve good headphones that don't cost you an arm and a leg. Get Anker's Soundcore Life Q20 headphones for just $50 by clipping the coupon on the page.

Early Deal Days Deal: Project for $120

Amazon isn’t the only company with deals, deals, and more deals next week–Target is holding their Deal Days event, and they’re also running some deals early in an attempt to beat out the competition. There are some really good shouts too, like this Mini Video Projector for $120, $80 off the MSRP. This projector can give you a picture of up to 236 inches, which is just perfect for your socially-distanced outdoor party or an incredible home theater set-up.

    Get the big picture experience without going to the movie theaters! This $120 projector can help you host the outdoor movie night of your dreams--or turn your home theater setup into the closest you can get to an actual theater without spending an arm and a leg.

AUKEY 30000mAh Battery Pack for $41

What Aukey’s Slimline battery pack from yesterday not powerful enough for you? Looking for something… meatier? The Aukey Power Delivery Power Bank has a whopping 30,000 mAh of power, and you can grab it for just $41. To get the full discount, use the code WMPYADFW and clip the $20 off coupon on the page. You only have until Monday to grad this beast of a battery pack, so don’t delay!

    Get a big battery pack that will charge everything you need it to, and then some. Aukey's 30,000 mAh battery pack is just $41 by clipping the coupon and using the code WMPYADFW at checkout. Don't sleep on this deal!

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