Top Weight Loss App

Top Weight Loss App

Smartphones and technology have become an essential ingredient for weight-loss. Diet and workout apps are massively popular. With the ability to count your steps, track your workouts, tally your calorie intake and more.

The best workout app for people who want to loose weight by eating healthier, is called Lose It! This app will help you set a weight goal, and the date that you want to reach that goal. It will then give you a daily amount of calories that you’re able to consume.

Lose It! Calorie Tracker.

Search their massive catalog of foods to track what you eat. You can also scan the bar code of the food you’re about to eat and it will add it to the tracker. You can unlock premium features like tracking your workout, when you buy the premium version of the app.

The best way to stick to your weight loss journey is to be a active in a community. /r/loseit is a weight loss subreddit that goes by the same name. Many of the users there use the Lose It! app and discuss their success.

Download Lose It! for free from the Google Play store.