ToqAN Fixes Android 5.0 Notification Bug on Qualcomm Toq

ToqAN Fixes Android 5.0 Notification Bug on Qualcomm Toq

The Qualcomm Toq is probably one of the lesser known smartwatches on the market right now. This can probably be attributed to the fact that device was a proof-of-concept device built by Qualcomm that was meant to encourage other OEMs to take up Mirasol displays for their own smartwatches, and that it was available for sale in only limited quantities. Its standout feature, as you may have guessed, is its Mirasol display, which is comparable to e-ink displays on wearables such as the Pebble. If you were lucky enough to snatch one up when they were on sale and have updated to Android 5.0 recently, you may have encountered an issue relating to notifications not being displayed properly. And if this is the case, Toq Alternative Notifications (ToqAN) has got you covered.

Developed by XDA Forum Member alaintxu, ToqAN is an app which seeks to allow Android 5.0 notifications to be sent properly to the Toq. This is necessary as in the wake of the official Toq app not being maintained and updated by Qualcomm anymore, any bugs which arise due to recent Lollipop updates won’t be fixed by Qualcomm. And one of these bugs include all the notification text being sent in the title section. With this app installed, notifications will be received properly on the Toq. It does require you however, to first go through a couple preparatory steps, such as pairing the device and checking a few checkboxes, a process which is explained in the post.

Having just released the version 1.0 of the app, Alaintxu does plan to incorporate more features into ToqAN in the future, including support for different languages, different notifications for specific apps, and a whitelist among others. So, if you own a Qualcomm Toq and have a device running Lollipop, checkout the ToqAN application thread for more details.

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