TouchXperience Coming in March

TouchXperience Coming in March

I’m sure some of you know a developer around here named Schaps (the one responsible for bringing you Advanced Config as well as other really cool apps). He has a project called TouchXperience, which is essentially a new UI for WM. A lot of us thought it was an abandoned project, but in reality it has been far from that.

Originally Posted by schaps:

I didn’t come here since a long time so I came back to give you fresh news about TouchXperience. There are some rumors over here that TouchXperience project was abandoned, let me tell you that is untrue. I am working on it relentlessly since 2 years now and believe me or not, it is coming soon. I wanted to deliver a touch user interface at the level of what exists on iPhone and other Androids, as you can imagine it was a hard challenge… I hope the video demo will impress you.

See the YouTube demo.

There were a lot of changes compared to the first demos I showed on last year, especially a new graphic engine which benefits from hardware acceleration to deliver a smooth and high level 3D UI. But the basis remains the same: the user interface has many panels easily accessible and highly customizable and those panels can contain widgets or menus. TouchXperience offers hundred of widgets and menu items, also built-in menus which replace traditional system menus or add some nice functionalities.

TouchXperience will be open to developers (even beginners) who could develop their own widgets and other plugins. The first public beta will be available end of March (if all is ok). Private beta testers should get TouchXperience this month.

I hope I gave you a good reason to keep on with Windows Mobile!

I for one can only hope this will be QVGA as well. Continue to the thread to follow his progress.

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