Touchxplorer Released for WP7-hTC Devices

Touchxplorer Released for WP7-hTC Devices

XDA member domineus let us know about this excellent File Explorer for your Windows Phone 7 device which sports a nice Metro look. It supports all standard file operations (open, edit, copy, move, rename, delete, search files). The only functions not supported yet are create/delete/copy folders.
The developer and member of XDA schaps mentions that future version will include network support (accessing files from your personal/pro network) and FTP support (client & server).
No doubt a must have complement for your shinny new device.
This application is on beta stage, feed back is primary to improve development, so please participate.

Originally posted by domineus
[HTC] Touchxplorer release

julian schapman has just released touchxplorer there are some limits
it seems to only work on htc devices. Non htc devices will have to wait a bit…
The device is only meant for chevron unlocked/developer unlocked devices that are HTC
Have fun with it

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