Trackball Transplant on HTC Droid Eris

Trackball Transplant on HTC Droid Eris

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Are you jealous of the multicolor LEDs and trackball color mods of the Nexus One? Want a colored trackball for your Droid Eris? Well you can do-it-yourself like XDA forum member Elementix.

Elementix has gone that one step further and performed the hardware mod on his Droid Eris. Elementix has successfully replaced the Eris trackball with a blue BlackBerry replacement.

Step by step directions are detailed, and it looks like one of the easier hardware mods to be done.  Elementix has also provided links from where to source the replacement trackball.

Note that doing this will void any kind of warranty or insurance on the device.

For detailed instructions and more pictures, check out the forum thread.