Trademark Registration Suggests Samsung TVs are Getting Bixby Support

Trademark Registration Suggests Samsung TVs are Getting Bixby Support

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Love it or hate it, Samsung’s virtual assistant Bixby is here to stay for the foreseeable future. The artificial intelligence focused personal assistant debuted earlier this year on the Galaxy S8 and has also launched with the company’s Galaxy Note 8. We have seen reports that Samsung wants to bring it to smart connected speakers, and a new trademark registration in the European Union suggests they also want to add it to Samsung’s TVs as well.

Android enthusiasts tend to have a love/hate relationship with Bixby and the hardware button it comes with on Samsung’s smartphones. Samsung has fought tooth and nail to prevent people from remapping the button to other functions and only recently allowed you to completely disable the activity when the button is pressed. Still, they’re working on improving it and integrating it into other applications and services with the company’s smart TVs likely being the next target.

Samsung has recently filed a trademark for the term “Samsung Connected Life with Bixby” with the European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO). In the list of goods and services section of said trademark filing, the company specifically mentions “software for television in order to find the desired service and / or contents of television by recognition or user’s voice”. As we’ve seen, the company is looking to enable users to do more with their voice using Bixby and the TV setting seems like a perfect fit.

Google Assistant on Android TV and Google Home devices and Siri on the Apple TV offer similar functionalities. It can be incredibly convenient to use your voice to speak to your television and tell it that you want to watch episodes of a new show or a new movie that was just released. The user interface and user experience of menus on these devices can be tedious so a voice assistant makes for a viable and rather convenient alternative. With CES coming soon, it would make sense for Samsung to announce this new feature at the upcoming event.

Via: SamMobile Source: EUIPO