Try These 10 Unobvious Galaxy S7 Features

Try These 10 Unobvious Galaxy S7 Features

The Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge are packed with so many features that sometimes a few will go overlooked. Jared went through to find some of the most useful features and highlighted them in this video.

Display Scaling
Condense the DPI on your device to fit more information on your display with a simple app called Display Scaling. All this app does is bring up a menu that you can also access by making a shortcut.


Auto Reboot
In settings, you can set custom times for your phone to reboot. This keeps your phone running fresh and it’s always a good idea to give it a reboot every now and then anyways. Choose the date and time that you would like your phone to automatically reboot.


Notification Reminder
In accessibility, you can turn on notification reminders for specific apps. This will prompt your notifications to show up again after you’ve dismissed them the first time.


Store Specific App Files on Your SD Card
In application manager, push your app files to your SD card to free up internal storage space.


Multiple Lock Screen Wallpapers         
There’s no need to have to go and change your wallpaper every time to want to change up your lock screen. You can set multiple images as your wallpaper and your phone will cycle through them every time you wake your screen.


Transfer Apps to  a New Home Screen
It can be a bit of a pain to move your app shortcuts from one screen to another, if you have to move one individual app at a time. Instead, drag your apps to the top of the screen and they will be placed into a temporary dock. Slide to the home screen that you want to drop them on and drag them back down.


Assistant Menu
Toggle the assistant menu to get quick access to some very useful features. Now you’ll have a floating menu that has access to screenshots, notification menu and more.


Sound Detectors
Interrupt your music session when your phone detects crying babies and ringing doorbells. Once you activate this feature, your phone will be listening for specific sounds and you’ll be notified once it hears one.


Easy Screen Turn On
Toggle Easy Screen Turn On so you can wake your phone screen by waving your hand over it.


Add Actions to Launch Events
Trigger custom events by setting your phone to notice specific actions. There are tons of customization options with this. Think of it as a very watered down and easy version of Tasker.


If any of these features look awesome to you, the video will go into detail about how to get any of these setup!

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