Speed Up Jenkins Configuration Process with TSJ

Speed Up Jenkins Configuration Process with TSJ

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When you are the leader of a large development project, Gerrit isn’t the only tool that can help you keep everything organized. While compiling and uploading a ROM or kernel for one or two devices isn’t overly time-consuming, building for a dozen devices or more can take loads of time and therefore makes it extremely difficult to maintain.
There is a good news, though. You don’t have to launch every nightly build manually.

Not so long ago, our XDA TV Producer AdamOutler gave an overview showing how to use Jenkins. For those who don’t remember, Jenkins is a tool that allows building multiple projects automatically on one of your build servers. While Jenkins isn’t that complicated to use, you can make it even easier. This is possible with a script created by XDA Senior Member streambinder called TSJ.

TSJ is an abbreviation for The Simplified Jenkins. This tool allows users to build multiple projects and upload them directly to an FTP server. Everything is easy and takes just a few moments to configure. We strongly recommend the use of Jenkins to handle large scale nightly or stable releases. It’s a fast and easy way of building ROMs for many users. You can also treat Jenkins and its configuration as a good chance to learn something new. Naturally, this tool will work only on Linux distros.

You can learn more about the TSJ project by visiting the TSJ development thread.