Turn Your OnePlus 3T into a Pixel XL

Turn Your OnePlus 3T into a Pixel XL

If you have a OnePlus 3T but love the software of the Plixel XL, this tutorial will show you how to get the look and feel of a Pixel on your OnePlus 3T. For this tutorial, you will need your OnePlus 3T to be rooted with TWRP installed.

Here are the download links for the files mentioned in this video.

Step 1: Flash LegendROM

  • Pixel Navbar
  • Pixel Animations

Step 2: Download Nova Launcher

Step 3: Recreate the Pixel Launcher in Nova

Step 4: Download Pixel Icon Pack

  • Circular Pixel Icons

Step 5: Download Pixel UI Theme

  • Pixel Quick Settings Menu
  • Blue Text in Settings

Step 6: Download Custom Live Wallpapers

  • Stock Live Wallpapers from Pixel XL

Step 7: Download Pixel Boot Animation

  • Default Pixel Boot Animation

Step 8: Download Pixel Notifications and ringtones

  • Pixel Ringtones
  • Pixel Notifications

Follow the steps in the video to get these files installed and you’ll have the complete Pixel experience on your OnePlus 3T.

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