Turn Your Social Networks into Geosocial Networks with FacesIn

Turn Your Social Networks into Geosocial Networks with FacesIn

Most of us have hundreds, if not thousands of friends on our social networks. But despite this, we don’t really ever see or talk to most of them. This is to be expected because as time moves on and people move far away, it is increasingly difficult to casually keep in touch. And then even when your old friends are nearby, you may not even know that they’re in the viscinity. What if it didn’t have to be this way? A new app called FacesIn aims at making it easier for nearby friends to keep in touch.

Posted by XDA Recognized Developer franciscofranco on behalf of Senior Member cgollner, FacesIn is a geolocation app that ties into various social networks. Once it’s LinkedIn (pun intended), the app shows you a map of friends who have checked into their social media nearby. In addition, it also allows you to post to your social networks from within the app. Currently, FacesIn supports LinkedIn, Facebook, Foursquare, and Twitter. Google+ support is on the way as well, but the team has run into issues due to lacking APIs.

If you want to know which friends are nearby, head over to the application thread and give FacesIn a shot.

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