Tweak the Always On Display, Status Bar, and Nav Bar on the Samsung Galaxy S8 with Substratum

Tweak the Always On Display, Status Bar, and Nav Bar on the Samsung Galaxy S8 with Substratum

Theming your Android device is one of the primary reasons why people still root their devices, though recently several rootless theme solutions have cropped up. OEMs have started to implement Sony’s RRO implementation, and Google officially incorporated RRO’s successor, called OMS, into the source code for Android Oreo. Samsung’s smartphones have a theme manager powered by RRO that can be hooked into in order to use custom themes, and that is exactly what the Substratum theme engine with its Sungstratum plugin does. A new theme for the Samsung Galaxy S8/S8+ allows you to tweak the always on display, status bar, and nav bar.


XDA Senior Member tytydraco released a handful of mods for the Samsung Galaxy S8 which require Substratum in order to work. The following tweaks are available

  • Always on Display
    • Hide the battery icon
    • Hide the battery percentage
    • Hide notification  icons
    • Hide the date from the status bar
    • Wake the phone with a double tap anywhere on the lock screen
  • Status Bar
    • Disable the status bar
    • Hide the carrier label
    • Remove status bar clock
    • Remove status bar battery icon
  • Nav Bar
    • Disable the nav bar
    • Better default nav bar colors
    • Half size navigation bar
    • Material design navigation bar

There are other miscellaneous tweaks available, the full list of which can be seen in the official XDA forum thread for this tweak pack. In order to install these tweaks, you’ll need to install the Substratum theme manager and its paid Sungstratum plugin. Then, you can either download each individual tweak from the forum thread linked earlier, or download the mega app from the Play Store which lets you pick and choose which to install.

substratum for samsung 7.x
Price: $1.99
[Substratum] Samsung System Mods

After installing each of these apps, you can open up Subtratum and apply the tweaks that you want. The list of available tweaks is ever-growing, so be sure to check out the forum thread for any future updates.

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