Tweaking your X10 Equalizer

Tweaking your X10 Equalizer

If you want to make more use of the X10’s new found root status, maybe try tweaking the Equalizer settings.

According to XDA forum member MrRusch, Android actually allows for customisation of 8 bands of sound.  However, the equalizer settings are disabled by default in the X10.

MrRusch, has written a little JAR application for your Windows PC, that helps you edit the AudioFilter.csv file which can then be pushed (with root privilege) to your X10, hence modifying the sound levels.

Just open the AudioFilter.csv file in the app, edit, then save a new copy.  Then, it’s just a case of following the instructions in the application thread.  Your settings should be applied after reboot.

For more information and to download the tweaking app, take a look at the application thread.

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