Twitter announces new features to help you make money and fight trolls

Twitter announces new features to help you make money and fight trolls

We recently heard rumors that Twitter was exploring alternate ways to generate revenue, including a subscription model, a tipping feature, advanced profile customization options, and more. Although Twitter neither confirmed nor denied these rumors at the time, it has now announced a host of new features that will help you make money on the platform and, in turn, give the company a juicy cut. But that’s not the only new feature coming to the micro-blogging platform. Read on to find on more about all the upcoming features that Twitter announced during its Virtual Analyst Day event:

Twitter Communities

Twitter is working on a new Communities feature for the platform, which will let users create groups with people who share similar interests. The feature will essentially work like Facebook Groups, and it will let you share tweets exclusively with your community members.


Twitter Communities

Twitter will also give communities the option to set their own moderation rules, which will give community moderators more control over the kind of content shared within the community. The communities feature is currently in development and it will roll out sometime later this year.

Super Follows

Instead of introducing a subscription plan for the platform as a whole, Twitter has announced a new feature called Super Follows which will help it generate some revenue. The feature will let users subscribe to exclusive content from other users, and it will likely give influencers more incentive to engage with their audiences on the platform.

Twitter Super Follows

Users who Super Follow an account on the platform could get a badge on their profile to indicate their support of the account. As you’d expect, they will also get access to all paywalled content offered by the account. It’s likely that Twitter will take a cut out of the amount users pay to Super Follow another account, which will help the company generate revenue. As of now, Twitter hasn’t shared any further details about the feature. We’ll update this post as soon as we learn more.

Safety mode

Since the Communities and Super Follows feature will increase engagement on the platform, Twitter is also going to introduce a new auto-moderation feature to help community leaders and influencers fight off trolls on the platform. This feature, called Safety mode, will let give users the option to “automatically block accounts that appear to break the Twitter Rules, and mute accounts that might be using insults, name-calling, strong language, or hateful remarks.”

Twitter Safety mode

The safety mode will likely work alongside the aforementioned community moderation features, and help moderators easily tackle trolls on the platform. While Twitter didn’t elaborate on the feature’s capabilities during the event, screenshots showcased during the event reveal that Safety mode will limit users’ ability to tweet at people for seven days and limit their reach on the platform. the screenshots also suggest that Twitter will send you a notification every time the feature blocks another account.

The new features mentioned above are still in development and Twitter hasn’t shared an exact release timeline for the same. The features are expected to roll out to users sometime later this year. To learn more about everything that was discussed during Twitter’s 2021 Analyst Day event, watch the video attached above.

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