Twisted Arrows For Android

Twisted Arrows For Android

We seem to have a tendency to want to use our brains even while playing and having fun with our devices. Logic games are the most common ways to giving our brains a jolt of activity while still having a bit of good, clean fun. Once again, our devs bring us yet another one of these wonderful pastimes. This time XDA memberĀ StasON[QStar] brings us Twisted Arrow, where the objective is to take a ball from point A to point B. In order to achieve this seemingly simple task, you will have to chose your own path on color coded blocks, each one with a different attribute.

The game is still under development, so please leave some good feedback for the dev in order to make this game even better than it already is.

Twisted Arrows is a logic puzzle game. Your mission is move ball from start point to finish.
On the field placed different blocks with arrows. You can step on blocks from either side, but when you stand on the block you can move only at specific side, indicated on the arrow. Color of the block show you how many degrees arrow will be rotate after you step on it.

You can find more information in the game thread.

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