Twitch for Android may soon let you edit stream schedules right from your smartphone

Twitch for Android may soon let you edit stream schedules right from your smartphone

Twitch is a leading video live streaming service that caters to gamers, musicians, and content creators. Twitch also has an Android client that lets you stream mobile games straight from your smartphones. However, if you’re a creator and used the Twitch Android app, you probably know it’s currently not possible to edit stream schedules using the mobile app. But that could be changing soon.

An APK teardown can often predict features that may arrive in a future update of an application, but it is possible that any of the features we mention here may not make it in a future release. This is because these features are currently unimplemented in the live build and may be pulled at any time by the developers in a future build.


Twitch for Android recently picked up an update to version 12.3.0 on the beta channel. The latest APK contains strings of code that suggest the app may soon let you edit stream schedules right from your smartphone.

The following new strings have been added to the Twitch Android app:

<string name="sm_create_already_exists">A schedule already exists.</string>\n<string name="sm_create_permission_denied">You are not authorized to create a schedule.</string>\n<string name="sm_create_segment_already_started">This segment already started and cannot be updated.</string>\n<string name="sm_create_segment_first_occ_date_in_past">"This segment's first occurrence date is in the past already."</string>\n<string name="sm_create_segment_first_occ_on_recurr">Cannot add first occurrence date to infinitely recurring segment.</string>\n<string name="sm_create_segment_invalid_categories">This segment has invalid categories.</string>\n<string name="sm_create_segment_invalid_category_count">You put an invalid amount of categories.</string>\n<string name="sm_create_segment_invalid_duration">This segment has an invalid duration.</string>\n<string name="sm_create_segment_invalid_repeats_ends_after">"This segment's repeat count is invalid. It must be 0 or greater."</string>\n<string name="sm_create_segment_invalid_segment">This segment is invalid.</string>\n<string name="sm_create_segment_invalid_segment_count">You have too many segments.</string>\n<string name="sm_create_segment_invalid_start_day">This segment has an invalid start day.</string>\n<string name="sm_create_segment_invalid_start_hour">This segment has an invalid start hour.</string>\n<string name="sm_create_segment_invalid_start_minute">This segment has an invalid start minute.</string>\n<string name="sm_create_segment_invalid_timezone">This segment has an invalid timezone.</string>\n<string name="sm_create_segment_invalid_title">This segment has an invalid title.</string>\n<string name="sm_create_segment_no_update_attrs_provided">No updates were made to the segment.</string>\n<string name="sm_create_segment_overlapping_segment">This segment overlaps with an existing segment.</string>\n<string name="sm_create_segment_title_failed_moderation">This segment has an inappropriate title.</string>\n<string name="sm_delete_permission_denied">You are not authorized to delete this schedule.</string>\n<string name="sm_generic_invalid_arguments">This has an invalid input.</string>\n<string name="sm_generic_permission_denied">You are not authorized to edit this schedule.</string>\n<string name="sm_generic_unknown_error">An unexpected error occurred. Try again.</string>\n<string name="sm_interrupt_end_too_far_in_future">Your end date is too far in the future.</string>\n<string name="sm_schedule_not_found">"Your schedule hasn't been created yet."</string>

Twitch allows you to set up schedules on your profile page, so viewers know when you usually stream. Currently, you can only create and edit stream schedules from the desktop. But it appears that the ability to edit schedules is coming to the Android app. From what we can gather, when you navigate to My Channel > Schedule on the mobile app, you’ll see an edit button next to your schedules. According to text strings, it appears users will be able to edit details like time and date for each stream, modify stream titles, change categories, and so on. However, it appears users won’t be able to delete a schedule or create a new one from the mobile app. For that, you’ll still have to visit the desktop site.

The ability to edit stream schedules isn’t live in the latest version of the Twitch app. We don’t know when the company plans to roll out this feature to the public. It’s also unclear whether this functionality will be coming to the iOS app or remain restricted to the Android client.

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