Twitch App Update Brings Dark Mode, Mobile Streaming, Swipe Surfing, and More

Twitch App Update Brings Dark Mode, Mobile Streaming, Swipe Surfing, and More

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Twitch is the go-to platform for hosting and viewing video game streams of all kinds (though lately the IRL/Creative categories have also exploded in popularity), and the official Android app for the service is now getting one of the biggest updates its ever seen.

There are a host of new features coming to the app including both aesthetic and functional changes. One new addition that users have been requesting for a while now is a dark mode that will make the app easier on the eyes at night and look absolutely killer on any device with an AMOLED panel. There’s also a new navigation bar at the bottom of the app offering easy access for finding current live streams, accessing the Pulse section of the service, and browsing all of the content that Twitch has to offer. Add this together with new swipe gestures for better navigating the UI and streamlined notifications between the mobile and desktop apps, and there’s already a lot to love here.

However, as great as all of this is, perhaps the biggest change is that you can now start a live stream directly from your Android phone or tablet. The new feature is aptly named, “Mobile Streaming”, and it will likely be a great way to let Twitch streamers stay in touch with their fans when they’re away from the keyboard throughout the day.

In addition to all of this, some other new features coming with this update include the ability to organize streams based on what region they’re coming from or what language the streamer speaks and Instant Playlists that offer “a collection of content accessible by swiping down on the screen.”

The update for the Twitch mobile app is starting to make its way to users on both Android and iOS now, and Twitch says that everyone should have access to it in early July.

Via: The Verge