Twitter for Android and iOS finally lets you see and upload 4K images

Twitter for Android and iOS finally lets you see and upload 4K images

After testing the feature for about a month, Twitter has announced the option to upload and view 4K images is now available for everyone on Android and iOS. To start uploading and viewing images in 4K, Twitter said to update your high-quality image preferences in “Data usage” settings.

Twitter has slowly become a great platform for sharing high-resolution images. The social media service previously rolled out support for 4K images on the web app, allowing photographers to share images in beautiful high resolution. Bringing the same feature to mobile means you can view and upload high quality photos no matter where you are.


You have a few options on mobile. In the “Data usage” menu, you can choose how high-quality images are uploaded and viewed on your device. You have the option for “over cellular or Wi-Fi,” “Only on Wi-Fi,” or “Never.” The same applies to high-quality video and video autoplay options.

Twitter began testing 4K image viewing and uploading on mobile at the beginning of March alongside another feature that improved how images are cropped on the platform. As far as I can tell, improved image cropping isn’t widely available for everyone — at least, it isn’t available for me — and there’s no word when testing for that feature will be completed.

“With this test, we hope to learn if this new approach is better and what changes we need to make to provide a ‘what you see is what you get’ experience for twitters with images,” Twitter’s design chief Dantley Davis said last month after revealing the improved cropping feature.

With 4K viewing and uploading and improved cropping, Twitter has quickly become one of the best platforms for sharing work, whether it be photos, illustrations, or drawings. Combined with its Clubhouse-like Spaces feature, and Twitter has seriously upped its capabilities beyond a simple place for sharing your thoughts. The new ability to view and upload 4K images should be available now on your mobile device.

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